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House of Sacred Circles
heart of "Ola Malu".

In celebration of our certification with the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat our Hawaiian name is "Ola Malu", living sanctuary. The naming honors the land and our intent to keep it alive and healthy, the 2 magnificent Banyan trees, our Sacred Grove of wilderness and reflects the experiences of our guests.

Join us in keeping with the wild and happy times we share.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's 1938 circle based design for Ralph Jester, the House of Sacred Circles is an adaptation of circles on a rectangular plane. Each circle functions as a pocket of activity interconnected by open spaces on an elevated single level creating spacious, harmonious flow.

The house sits on 1.5 acres of land zoned for agriculture. A pocket of wilderness has been preserved on the property where a thorny Kiawe tree stands guard. Guests can view the Grove at the Southwest corner of the property. A friendlier young orchard with new plantings of banana, guava, avocado, lychee, custard apple, and mango can be found throughout the property. As the trees mature we invite guests to sample the savory tropical fruit. Limes and lemons are seasonally abundant. We also have varieties of native Hawaiian species and tropical flowers. Birds love the magnificent 50 feet high banyan trees that shade visitors on entry to the House of Sacred Circles.

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Some of our guest's comments:

if i could fall asleep every night to the sound of the waves drifting through the dozens of open windows in this beautiful home, i would.
somna's house of sacred circles, with its two huge, gorgeous banyan trees, plethora of lanais, spacious interior, beautiful washrooms, incredible acoustics and madagascar geckos was the perfect place for us to call home on the north shore. i was blessed enough to convince my family to take a trip to my favorite places and really wanted a special location for them to experience it. it was my family's first time visiting hawaii and there could have been no better space for us to have settled into.
the location, just outside haleiwa and right next to banzai, is ideal if you're not planning on spending much time in the city. the neighborhood is quiet and if you're lucky, the tiny cat who guards the home will chase off begging roosters in the mornings. it's a wonderfully private space, inspiring and restful, tucked just far enough away from the road that you can hear the waves and not the traffic.
somna was a fantastic communicator, making sure that we had all that we needed and was really a joy to write back-and-forth with. there was a sweet basket of snacks waiting for us on the kitchen counter (which was quickly devoured) and next to it, a lovely album with information about the home, the neighborhood and things to see, which was a great help to my family. the house is so open that it's actually surprising how much privacy and room there is. my partner and i spent a whole afternoon there not even realizing my brother and his wife were also relaxing on their side of the house!
we were all so grateful to have this phenomenal, creative home with peaceful and mellow energy to relax in at night and during the hotter parts of the day. somna's friendliness, graciousness and artistry truly made this the most positive airbnb experience i've ever had. when we were wheels down in new york after spending our second week in hawaii in the house of sacred circles, we already wanted to head back to the pacific. thank you so much for this unique, inspiring and magical setting. i am so grateful to have found such a wonderful home and host and can't wait to return.
Kyoko ~ September 2014

The house and our week was special. We really enjoyed the house and our time in the neighborhood. ~David, 2012

Houses are like people, they have hiccups and show their wear. I can see you have put in a lot of effort, time and no doubt funds to create an unusual and beautiful home. For me dealing with the small issues made it seem more like my own home - caring for something brings you closer.

We loved the design and the spaciousness which allowed all of us privacy and alone time but also the lovely gathering spaces for cooking, dining and relaxing. For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to circles and found living in them very freeing and serene - no harsh angles to impede the flow. And no clutter. And the wood - the dark panel in the dining room is especially beautiful. ~Kathy, 2011

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I love these photos of the Banyan tree and the Welcome Dragon Bell that were taken by a guest during the winter 2011. She really captured a bit of the warmth and tranquility. Thank you Kathy!
more photos taken by a guest showing big blue skies and a panoramic view of the interior. Thank you David! (2012)